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Threaded Inserts for Thread Repair, Drill Bushings and Locking Studs

Acme Industrial Company is a leading manufacturer of precision machined components for industrial, commercial, aerospace and military markets. Our extensive product line includes Threaded Inserts, Thinwall Threaded Inserts, Keylocking Studs and Drill Bushings.

Threaded Insert Products

As an industry leader, our keylocking threaded insert products are widely used in many markets throughout the world. Threaded inserts are used in military vehicles and aircraft as well as by NASA to explore space. Threaded insert products are used extensively in original equipment to strengthen holding power of threads in softer base materials such as aluminum and magnesium. Also, our threaded inserts are used for thread repair to replace stripped or damaged threads.

Thinwall Threaded Inserts

Our new Swage-Sert® Thinwall Threaded Inserts allow close spacing. Their solid one-piece design provides high pull-out strength and torque-out capabilities while allowing them to be placed closer together in the parent material than traditional keylocked inserts.

Drill Bushings

Acme has been manufacturing precision drill bushings for over 95 years and offers the 'No Counterbore' design to help you drill more precise holes and which will last longer. Precision bushings are also used as rollers, bearings, guides, sleeves and wear parts.

Keylocking Studs

Acme's Keylocking Studs are securely locked with keys, providing high pull out strength and torque out capability. They provide security and the ability to be repaired where a through bolt/nut combination cannot be used.

Acme Industrial is approved by the United States Defense Logistics Agency as a supplier of Class 3 Threaded Fasteners. This Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers (QSLM) approval extends to Acme's keylocking stud products.

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