Thinwall Threaded Inserts

Manufactured to MIL-45932-1

Acme Swage-Sert thinwall threaded inserts are used to repair stripped, damaged or worn out threads. They are employed in original equipment to strengthen threads and extend thread life in soft base materials like aluminum or magnesium.

Swage-Sert inserts are also ideal when a lighter weight assembly is required.

Thinwall Design Permits Close Spacing

Swage-Sert inserts have a special thinwall design that allows them to be used with minimum boss requirements to help reduce weight and increase strength.

Swage-Sert inserts can be placed closer together than Acme’s traditional threaded inserts. They are locked securely into parent material by swaging the upper end of the insert into the wall of the parent material.

Lightweight, high strength Swage-Sert inserts have a solid, one-piece design that provides superior pull-out strength and torque-out capabilities.

Full Range of Inch and Metric Sizes

Acme manufactures Swage-Sert Thinwall Threaded Inserts in a full range of inch and metric sizes to meet you requirements:

  • Produced to MIL-I-45932/1
  • Available in A286 and 17-4 PH corrosion resistant steels and 4130 alloy steel
  • Finishes available include cadmium, dry film lube and silver plate
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Typical Applications Include


Medical Equipment

Military Hardware

Aerospace Systems


Installing or Removing Swage-Sert Inserts is Easy

  1. Watch the video for easy, step-by-step directions to install thinwall threaded inserts.
  2. Refer to the Swage-Sert Insert Installation and Removal Chart for the properly sized drill, tap and installation tool.
  3. Drill the hole and counterbore with a step drill.
  4. Tap the threads with a standard tap. Refer to the Installation and Removal Chart to determine proper thread depth.
  5. Place the insert into the hole and hand tighten into place
  6. Strike the tool with a hammer to swage and engage the knurls with the counterbore.
Watch the Video
“Swage-Sert Thinwall Insert Installation”

Short Lead Times, Competitive Prices, Top Quality, Made in the USA

Rely on Acme’s manufacturing expertise to provide the performance you expect from a supplier as evidenced by approvals from major worldwide aerospace manufacturers.

Since 1914, Acme Industrial has been a major force in supplying precision steel products to the manufacturing and military sectors. Now Acme introduces its new Swage-Sert thinwall insert product line to the market place. These high performing inserts are engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed today’s high quality requirements and demands.

Customized product available

Our engineering staff can work with you to make a special Swage-Sert® insert to your drawing or print.

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Approved by the United States Defense Logistics Agency

Acme Industrial Company has been approved by the United States Defense Logistics Agency as a supplier of Class 3 Threaded Fasteners.