Keylocking Studs

Provide security and repairability in applications where you can’t use a through-bolt/nut combination.

Acme Keylocking Studs are superior for use in soft materials such as aluminum or magnesium when extra strength, extended thread life and vibration-resistance are required.

Ideal for OEM Use, Thread Repair or High Vibration Applications

  • Securely locked with keys
  • Solid one-piece design provides high pull-out strength and torque-out capabilities
  • Ideal for OEM use, thread repair or high vibration applications

Since 1914, Acme Industrial has been a major force in supplying precision steel products to the manufacturing and military sectors. Acme Keylocking Studs are engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed today’s high quality requirements and demands.

Short Lead Times, Competitive Prices, Top Quality, Made in USA

Rely on Acme’s manufacturing expertise to provide the performance you expect from a supplier as evidenced by approvals from major worldwide aerospace manufacturers.

Find the Keylock Stud You Need

  • Produced to NAS and SAE standards (MS51833 and MS51834)
  • Offered in a full range of inch and metric sizes
  • Available in 303, A286, and 4140 Alloy Steel
  • Lightweight and heavy duty versions available
  • Precision rolled UNJ threads allow transfer of high axial loads into base material

Typical Applications Include






4 Easy Steps for Installation With Standard Drills and Taps

  1. Drill with a standard tap drill and countersink with a standard 82°-100° countersink.
  1. Tap new threads with a standard tap.
  1. Screw in the stud end until it is .010-.030 below the surface. Keys locate the proper depth.
  1. Drive keys down with several hammer taps on the proper installation tool.

Acme Keylocking Studs are Removable!

If necessary, Acme Keylocking studs can be removed without damage to the parent material:

  1. Cut the stud to be flush with parent material.
  2. Drill out material between keys with a standard drill (drill bushing required) to specified depth.
  3. Bend the keys inward and break off.
  4. Remove the old stud using a screw extractor or similar device.
  5. Install a replacement stud into the original tapped hole and drive keys down
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“Keylocking Stud Installation”

Approved by the United States Defense Logistics Agency

Acme Industrial Company has been approved by the United States Defense Logistics Agency as a supplier of Class 3 Threaded Fasteners.