Gun Drill Bushings — Type GDB

Single piece construction


Gun Drill Bushings — Type GDX

Maximum precision for long deep holes


Gun Drill Bushing Liners — Type GDL

Designed to be used with replaceable inserts


Gun Drill Bushing Inserts — Type GDI

Standard Drill sizes available in stock!


No-Counterbore Bushings

Acme is committed to the concept of manufacturing our bushings without a counterbore. We believe this produces a better, longer lasting and more versatile bushings (especially if you require modified or special bushings). Even through No-Counterbore bushings are more difficult and costly to produce, because close tolerances are required the full length of the bushing, No-Counterbore Bushings are standard with Acme! Counterbore bushings will be supplied only upon special request.


  • Counterbored
  • Case Hardened


  • No Counterbore
    Full bearing surface sup­ports the tool for the entire length of bushing. You’ll drill more precise holes plus your Acme bushing will last longer
  • Hardened
    61-65 Rc means less ma­chine downtime to change worn bushings.

Approved by the United States Defense Logistics Agency

Acme Industrial Company has been approved by the United States Defense Logistics Agency as a supplier of Class 3 Threaded Fasteners. The Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers (QSLM) approval extends to Acme’s Keylocking stud products. See QSLM approval letter.