Industrial Style Keylocking Threaded Inserts

Improve thread strength in soft metals or can be used to repair damaged threads.

Industrial Style Keylocking Inserts

These inserts come Standard in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel.  They are functional equivalents to the MS/NAS Style inserts. They are available bulk packed and in a variety of single and assortment kits.

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Available Bulk Packed, Single Size Kits or Assortment Kits

Bulk Packed
Threaded Inserts


Single Size Kits
Threaded Inserts


Large Assortment Kits Keylocking Threaded Inserts


Small Assortment Kits Keylocking Threaded Inserts


Typical Applications Include


Medical Equipment

Aerospace Systems


Installing or Removing Industrial Style Inserts

If necessary, Acme Keylocking Inserts can be removed without damage to the parent material.

  1. Drill out material between keys and internal thread with a standard drill to specified depth (refer to charts for proper size and depth)
  2. Bend the keys inward and break off.
  3. Remove the old insert using a screw extractor or similar device.
  4. Install a replacement insert into the original tapped hole and drive the keys down.
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Short Lead Times, Competitive Prices, Top Quality, Made in the USA

Rely on Acme’s manufacturing expertise to provide the performance you expect from a supplier as evidenced by approvals from major worldwide aerospace manufacturers.

Since 1914, Acme Industrial has been a major force in supplying precision steel products to the manufacturing and military sectors. Now Acme introduces its new Swage-Sert® thinwall insert product line to the market place. These high performing inserts are engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed today’s high quality requirements and demands.

Customized product available

Our engineering staff can work with you to make a special Swage-Sert® insert to your drawing or print.

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