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NAS Style - A286 CRES Integral Key Inserts
(NAS1394 and NAS1395)

Material:A286 CRES (140 KSI Min)
Finish: Passivated
Tolerances: ±.010 inch unless specified otherwise
Internal Threads: Per SAE AS8879
Dimensions: All dimensions below are in inches
Keys: Integral key inserts are furnished with 2 locking keys
Material Identification Mark: None
Lubrication: Dry Film Lube on Self-Locking Inserts only
Performance: MIL-I-45914 (NAS1394 and NAS1395)

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Non-Locking Self-Locking Dimensions
NAS # ACME Part Number Install Tool Part No. NAS # ACME Part Number Install Tool Part No. Internal Thread Class 3B External Thread Class 2A L Maximum Distance from Top of Part to Locking Feature
NAS1394CA08 217-078288 72860/72560 NAS1394CA08L 217-079288 72860/72760 8-32 UNJC 1/4-20 UNC .25 .109
NAS1395CA04 217-078290 72864/72564 NAS1395CA04L 217-079290 72864/72764 4-40 UNJC 12-24 NC .25 .109
NAS1395CA06 217-078291 72860/72566 NAS1395CA06L 217-079291 72860/72766 6-32 UNJC 1/4-20 UNC .25 .109

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