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Bushing Selection Tips

You can be sure with ACME that you’re buying the best bushing for the job. Bushings and accessories have been the backbone of our business since 1914. Our nationwide network of industrial distributors further assures you of prompt personal service.

You may find it helpful first to define your specific needs, and then select a compatible bushing. Standard, off-the-shelf drill bushings are the least expensive. Sometimes, though you may require a special order. Acme will be glad to help you with your toughest requirements.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call our customer service department at : (847) 428-3911 or (800) 323-5582. Our qualified staff of customer service representatives will be happy to assist you or provide you with the name of the ACME distributor nearest you.

Things to consider in selecting the PROPER drill bushing

Acme is committed to the concept of manufacturing our bushings without a counter­bore. We believe this produces a better, longer lasting and more versatile bushing (especially if you require modified or special bushings). Even though No-Counterbore bushings are more difficult and costly to produce, because close tolerances are required the full length of the bushing, No-Counterbore Bushings Are Standard With ACME! Counterbored bushings will be supplied only upon special request.

Headless Press Fit Bushings

ANSI/ACME Designation Type P

Head Press Fit Bushings

ANSI/ACME Designation Type H

Slip-Fixed Renewable Bushings

ANSI/ACME Designation Type SF

Headless Press Fit Liners

ANSI/ACME Designation Type L

Head Press Fit Liners

ANSI/ACME Designation Type HL

Gun Drill Bushings

ACME Designation Type GD
Gun drills are used where maximum precision for long, deep holes is essential.

Oil Groove Bushings

ACME Designation Type OG

Extended Range Bushings and Liners

Extra-Thinwall Bushings

Embedment Bushings

Tungsten Carbide Bushings

Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coated Bushings

Special/Custom Bushings

Tool Holder Bushings

ISO 9001

Aerospace Industries