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Keylocking Threaded Insert Installation / Removal

Installation of Threaded Insert Products

1) Drill with a standard tap drill and countersink with a standard 82° - 100° countersink (90° for Miniature Inserts). Note: Drill is oversize see charts for proper dimensions.

2) Tap new threads with a standard tap. Note: See charts for proper size and depth.

3) Screw in the insert until it is .010-.030 (.005-.015 for Miniature Inserts) below the surface. Keys locate the proper depth.

4) Drive keys down with several hammer taps on the proper installation tool.

5) Properly installed insert.

Removal of Keylocking Threaded Inserts

If necessary, Acme Keylocking Inserts can be removed without damage to the parent material:

  1. Drill out material between keys and internal thread with a standard drill to specified depth (refer to charts for proper size and depth).
  2. Bend the keys inward and break off.
  3. Remove the old insert using a screw extractor or similar device.
  4. Install a replacement insert into the original tapped hole and drive keys down.

ISO 9001

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