August 16, 2010 – Acme Industrial Company, a subsidiary of Jergens, Inc., has joined the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) as an Associate Member. Concurrently, Acme Industrial has joined the AIA’s Supplier Management Council (SMC). The SMC is the primary aerospace industry forum dedicated to improving relations between suppliers and customers.

“As an increasingly large portion of our products are being incorporated into aircraft systems, it is important to join the conversation between customers, suppliers, peers and competitors,” said Scott McCullough, Sales and Marketing Manager of Acme Industrial. “We are proud to join aerospace industry leaders as members of the AIA.”

Acme Industrial Company is a major manufacturer of keylocking threaded inserts, keylocking studs, Swage-Sert® thin wall threaded inserts (M45932 products), and drill bushing products. Founded in 1914, Acme’s products are specified throughout industry, including aerospace and military applications. Acme Industrial Company has an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality system.

The Aerospace Industries Association is the premier trade association representing the nation’s major aerospace and defense manufacturers. More than 100 major aerospace and defense companies are members of the association, embodying every high-technology manufacturing segment of the U.S. aerospace and defense industry from commercial aviation and avionics, to manned and unmanned defense systems, to space technologies and satellite communications. In addition, the association has more than 170 associate member companies, all of which are leading aerospace and defense suppliers.

Acme Industrial Company, a major manufacturer of threaded inserts, drill bushing products, and key locking studs, was founded in 1914. Its products are specified throughout industry, including aerospace, and military applications. Acme Industrial Company has an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality system.