Custom Drill Bushings

To standardize is to Economize
— Always try to order a standard bushing

Where possible, ACME will modify ANSI/ACME standard bushings to meet your requirements. This will save you money. However, we will gladly manufacture to your specifications and tolerances.
Headless Press Fit — Type P
and Headless Liner — Type L
Head Press Fit — Type H

Slip-Fixed Renewable — Type SF

Head Liner — Type HL

  • Our standard tolerances will be supplied unless otherwise specified.
  • Please specify to four decimal places.
  • No-Counterbore is standard unless specified otherwise.

Approved by the United States Defense Logistics Agency

Acme Industrial Company has been approved by the United States Defense Logistics Agency as a supplier of Class 3 Threaded Fasteners. The Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers (QSLM) approval extends to Acme’s Keylocking stud products. See QSLM approval letter.