Extended Range Headless Press Fit Bushings

ANSI/ACME Designation Type P

All press fit bushings are lapped, honed, or ground in the I.D. Bushings with I.D.’s of 1/8″ to 1″ are concentric within .0003″ T.I.R to the O.D. Other I.D. sizes are held within .0005″ T.I.R.

Headless Press Fit Bushings with .010/.020 rough grinding stock on the O.D. are available, please call for prices. Add the letter “U” to the end of the ANSI Symbol when ordering.

Extended Range Bushings with a ground O.D. are concentric within .0005″ T.I.R. Unground Extended Range Bushings have a concentricity of .006″ T.I.R. To order an unground O.D. add the letter “U” to the end of the ANSI designation.

The price code is listed below the ANSI designation for each Extended Range Bushing and applies to standard drill sizes only. Special Extended Range Bushings will be priced on request.

Extended Range Bushings are not returnable.

No Counterbore
Bushings are Standard
with ACME Industrial.

I.D. Range (Drill Size) Std. I.D. Tolerance
(add to nom I.D.)
Over 1-1/2 to 2-3/4 +.0003 to +.0007
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