Extra Thinwall Bushings – Type XTW

“XTW” bushings are lapped, honed or ground in the I.D. Bushings with I.D.’s of 1/8″ to 1″ are ground to give a uniform wall thickness within .0003″ T.I.R. Other I.D. sizes are held within .0005″ T.I.R. Wall thickness (W) must fall within the range indicated in the chart below to be considered “XTW”.

Because of the extremely thin wall, this type bushing tends to assume the shape of the hole into which it is inserted or the shape of the arbor onto which it is pressed. It will not necessarily be round in the free state.

Unless specified otherwise. “Xtra-Thinwall” Bushings will be manufactured to the following tolerances:
I.D. – Standard I.D. tolerances
O.D. – Type XTWP and XTWH: Standard press fit tolerances. Type XTWSF: Standard slip-fit tolerances.

Xtra-Thinwall Bushings are not returnable.

Prices on request.