December 9, 2009 – Acme Industrial Company, a subsidiary of Jergens, Inc., has announced that its key locking threaded inserts are available in a number of boxed kits. Each kit provides convenient storage and easy access to a variety of insert sizes, making them ideal for maintenance and thread repair use.

Each assortment kit contains a selection of inserts, instructions and proper installation tools. Kits for Thin Wall, and Heavy Duty threaded inserts are available, with either Coarse or Fine threads, in either carbon steel or stainless steel. Metric and inch versions are available.

In addition to being used to quickly repair stripped, damaged or worn out threads, key locking threaded inserts are employed extensively in new equipment where exceptional pull-out and torque-out strength is needed. Individual (non-kitted) Acme threaded inserts are available in either industrial or MS / NAS insert styles.

The threaded insert’s keys are driven down into the threads of the surrounding base material, locking the insert into place and providing a secure mechanical lock against rotation.

Acme Industrial Company, a major manufacturer of threaded inserts, drill bushing products, and key locking studs, was founded in 1914. Its products are specified throughout industry, including aerospace, and military applications. Acme Industrial Company has an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality system.