August 29, 2011 – Acme Industrial Company, a subsidiary of Jergens, Inc., has announced that three of its product lines are now available to meet Military Specification Standards. The company’s MS/NAS Style Threaded Inserts are produced to MS51830, MS51831, MS51832, NAS1394, NAS1395, NAO146, NAO147, NAO148, NAO149, NAO150 AND NAO151. In addition, its Swage-Sert® Thinwall Threaded Inserts are produced to MIL-I-45932/1 and its Key Locking Studs are produced to MS51833 and MS51834.

All three of these precision products provide security and “repairability” in fastening applications in soft materials such as aluminum or magnesium when a high level of pull-out and torque-out strength is required. Acme Threaded Insert products are widely used to quickly repair stripped, damaged or worn threads with new stronger threads. Swage-Sert® Thinwall Inserts have a special thinwall design that allows them to be placed very close together (minimum boss requirements) to help reduce weight and increase strength. Acme Key Locking studs provide a solid one piece design, allowing secure fastening where a through-bolt / nut combination is impossible.

Acme was recently approved by the United States Defense Logistics Agency as a supplier of Class 3 Threaded Fasteners. The Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers (QSLM) approval extends to Acme’s Key Locking Stud products.

All three Acme Industrial product lines are available in a full range of inch and metric sizes and a variety of alloys and surface finishes. Customized products are available, contact Acme’s engineering staff.

Acme Industrial Company, a major manufacturer of keylocking threaded inserts, Swage-Sert™ thinwall threaded inserts (M45932/1 products), and drill bushing products. Founded in 1914, Acme’s products are specified throughout industry, including aerospace, and military applications. Acme Industrial Company has an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality system.