Plain Liners – Type PM

  • Used with Slip-Fixed Renewable bushings to provide precise location point
  • Permits interchange of Type SFM bushings with varied I.D.’s — without affecting centerline accuracy
  • Permanently pressed into jig plate — for life of the jig
  • Protects the jig plate hole from wear caused by frequent bushing replacement
  • Used where little impact or force will occur on the SF bushing’s head
  • Plain Liners are dimensionally the same as Plain Press Fit Bushings so they both have the same type “PM” designation. Some catalogs may refer to Plain Liners as type “LM”.

All liners are honed or ground in the I.D. and are concentric within .012 T.I.R. to the O.D.

Please order by providing the ANSI symbol and I.D. Size.
Example: 15mm I.D. X 22mm O.D. X 28mm Long Type PM,
order as PM-22-28-15.00

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No Counterbore
Bushings are Standard
with ACME Industrial.