Standard Metric Bushings Slip-Fixed Renewable Type SFM

  • Fixed and removable options on one knurled head for easier use
  • Used with liner, permanently pressed into jig
  • Held in place by lockscrew or clamp which fits a milled recess in the head
  • Fixed mode for runs longer than life of the bushing
  • Slip mode for multiple operatins on the same holes (such as drilling followed by reaming)
  • O.D. has a slip fit tolerance for easy insertion or removal from the liner
  • Length is measured under the head

All type “SFM” bushings are lapped, honed, or ground in the I.D. and are concentric within .012 T.I.R. to the O.D. A slip fit clearance is provided for proper alignment whe inserted into a liner.

Please order by providing the ANSI symbol and I.D. Size.
Example: 8.5mm I.D. X 15mm O.D. X 28mm Long Type SFM, order as SFM-15-28-8.50

Please note that the length on type “SFM” bushings is measured under the head.

No Counterbore
Bushings are Standard
with ACME Industrial.

I.D. Range (Drill Size) Std. I.D. Tolerance
(add to nom I.D.)
0.35 to 3.00 +0.002 to +0.008
3.01 to 6.00 +0.004 to +0.012
6.01 to 10.00 +0.005 to +0.014
10.01 to 18.00 +0.006 to +0.017
18.01 to 30.00 +0.007 to +0.020
30.01 to 50.00 +0.009 to +0.025
50.01 to 80.00 +0.010 to +0.029
80.01 to 105.00 +0.012 to +0.034